Our Story

Our mission is to provide top shelf service at a fair price.

what we do:
  • Beautify your home
  • create new work and play spaces
  • add curbside value
  • fix damage or future concerns

Our Work is backed by our industry leading worry free guarantee

We take great pride in doing things the right way.  Therefor, it’s our belief that contractors should stand behind their work. If anything should ever go wrong with the work installed by Maltese Contracting,  call us and we will make it right. Contact us today to find out how Maltese Contract can be your partner in beautifying your home for years to come.   

Why our logo is important to us.

The Maltese Cross is know around the world as a symbol of the fire service.  It’s also a symbol of protection, service and a badge of honor.  Tom, Our founder, has been in the fire service for over 20 years and is currently a Captain in Saint Paul, MN, on Squad 2  one of the most prestigious fire rigs in the state.  

“Founded in service” is a mantra we’re based in. From running into burning buildings, to helping you repair yours: service is The Maltese purpose. 

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